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MobiZcan Technologies is Impinj’s Exclusive Representative for Latin America

Founded in 2000, with over 250 patents, Impinj is the world’s best known creator and manufacturer of RAIN RFID technology. As the world’s largest supplier of endpoints (chips for tags), chips for readers (handheld, fixed and other RAIN RFID enabled devices), and finished fixed infrastructure readers, Impinj technology and innovation allows customers to transform their supply chains and business models to increase sales, decrease costs and jump start their competitive edge over their competition.

MobiZcan Technologies is Newave’ Exclusive Representative for Latin America

Newave sensorSolutions developed the patented wave antenna, the only antenna specifically designed for item-level RFID setting a new standard for accuracy, versatility and efficiency. The wave antenna is newave’s core Platform Technology designed to enable RFID Solutions not previously possible. Newave’s management team leverages a strong heritage in RFID as well as senior management business expertise in variety industries globally.

MobiZcan Technologies is Omni-ID’s Exclusive Representative for Latin America

Inventor of the on-metal RAIN RFID tag, Omni-ID provides flexible and durable RAIN RFID tags for use on metal, liquids and other specialty tagging requirements. Omni-ID’s new line of Sense IoT BLE, LoraWan and GPS IoT devices offer condition monitoring and asset management for extreme environments.  With a company-owned ISO 9001 factory, Omni-ID supplies highly reliable specialty tags at very competitive prices.

MobiZcan Technologies is SLS’ Exclusive Representative for Latin America

The leading manufacturer of highly dependable high performance RAIN RFID portals and tunnels, SLS systems drive efficiency and productivity enhancements in customer’s supply chains, while future-proofing their investments as their RAIN RFID integrations increase in complexity.